Staff Feature: Meet Tim Ong, Personal Trainer and Fitness Centre Shift Lead

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While studying Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Tim realized he needed to gain practical experience which simply couldn’t be taught in the classroom.  In his second year of university, he joined the SFU Fitness Centre as a personal trainer. It was during his time there that he established a genuine passion for helping individuals improve their quality of life through fitness and wellness programs.

Fast forward to today, Tim is working part-time at the Oval leading the corrective exercise program and continuing to personal train as a result of his education in Kinesiology. His active rehabilitation program includes soft tissue release techniques, corrective exercises, and self myofascial releases with clients who are dealing with ICBC incidents, work place injury, or chronic low back pain. Tim strives to not only develop safe and effective workouts that will help his clients recover quickly, but also to empower them by becoming more independent of a rehabilitation therapist so they can get back to living life pain free.

Beyond his personal training sessions, Tim works part-time at the front desk of the Oval’s fitness centre. He was recently promoted as a Fitness Centre Shift Lead and is responsible for liaising with other Oval departments, participating as a Fitness and Wellness representative on the Oval’s Occupational Health and Safety committee, providing important updates to his team of Fitness Attendants, and providing general supervision and training. Tim brings great energy to the Oval team with his sense of humor and camaraderie. His favourite thing about working as a Shift Lead is being surrounded by an amazing fitness team dedicated to making positive changes in peoples lives.

Outside of work, Tim finds adventure through travelling. Just before he started working at the Oval in November 2015, he went backpacking in South East Asia for eight months.  One of the highlights of his trip was volunteering for Working for Children’s (WFC) Rainbow Orphanage in northern Cambodia where retired teachers and local villagers provide refuge, including food ration and education, to orphans and poor children.

If you happen to be at the Fitness Centre on the 3rd floor, or in the personal training room on the activity level (2nd floor), make sure to introduce yourself to our awesome team member Tim!

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Pictured Below: Tim hanging out with some of the children at the Rainbow Orphanage

Tim 3