Simply Delicious Salad (In a Jar!)

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The Idea:

Take an ordinary, large glass mason jar, fill it with a combination of dressing, whole grains, veggies, fruit, protein, leafy greens and additional toppings. Depending on the toppings, your salad should last 3-5 days in the fridge, meaning you can make these salads once or twice a week and enjoy a delicious, homemade, portable lunch or dinner every day!

The How To:

Choose a salad dressing and drizzle it into the bottom of a clean jar. Then, choose one or two ingredients from each section below and layer them into the jar, starting with the heaviest items. Leave the lightest items, which is usually the leafy greens, for the top and don’t be afraid to squish it in. Just before eating, pour the salad into a large bowl or plate. The pouring motion is usually enough to toss the dressing into the salad so it’s completely ready to eat with all the fixings. Serve with a glass of water for a clean and refreshing meal, every day of the week.

The Ingredients: (In the order of layering into the jar.)

• Balsamic vinaigrette
• Chili lime vinaigrette
• Lemon vinaigrette
• Honeyed yogurt dressing

Whole Grains
• Couscous
• Barley
• Brown rice
• Quinoa

Veggies & Fruit
• Grilled veggies
• Bell peppers
• Grated carrot
• Apples
• Berries
• Kiwi
• Avocado

• Roast chicken or beef
• Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans)
• Hardboiled egg
• Crumbled blue cheese
• Grated cheddar cheese
• Havarti cubes
• Grated Swiss cheese

• Olives
• Fresh cilantro or parsley
• Sunflower or pumpkin seeds
• Toasted almonds or cashews

Leafy Greens
• Arugula
• Romaine
• Baby kale
• Spinach
• Spring mix

Special Considerations:
If your salad in a jar contains perishables like meat or dairy, pack it into an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack. The items listed above are suggestions just to get you started! Don’t be shy about experimenting with your favorite ingredients to create your own signature combinations! Just keep in mind that a balanced entrée salad should contain whole grains, protein, and lots of veggies.

A Note from Dietitian Angel:
Did You Know? March is Nutrition Month in Canada! This recipe was inspired by The Dairy Farmers of Canada and Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month campaign to help everyone eat well from “9 to 5” by making healthy homemade food to take with you, wherever you go. Enjoy!

Angel Luk

Angel Luk

Angel is a Registered Dietitian w/ the College of Dietitians of BC & a member of Dietitians of Canada & SportMed BC. Providing nutrition counseling to over 2,000 clients using proven dietary strategies & is the author of a book which talks about achieving goals such as weight management & medical nutrition therapy for sports.