Reimagining Recruitment at the Oval: How we connect with you, our prospective employees

| People & Culture

We recognize that our people are the drivers of our business, and the reason why we are so good at what we do. We believe in enriching the employee experience, so we start that experience from the moment you submit an application to us.  

We are currently working on some cool things in our People (HR) department. Gone are the days of us focusing solely on the conventional cover letter and resume. We want to learn more about you; the person that exists outside of the words on your resume. We do this by asking you open-ended questions during the application stage and we invite you to share what makes you unique and awesome.

If you successfully move onto the next step of the recruitment process, you may be asked to complete a pre-recorded video questionnaire. This gives us an opportunity to connect further with you. We will tell you more about the Oval and you get to tell us a bit more about you.

capture-1In the above mock pre-recorded video questionnaire, Stephen Quinn, HR Manager, (right) responds to questions asked by Jordan Mottl, Program Manager Community Sports (left). 

We are using the world’s latest technology to provide an experience that works for you. We understand that you have a life outside of applying for a job at the Oval, so we give you control over when you complete the above steps in the process. While we do provide a deadline at the various stages, you have the flexibility to complete the steps at a time that works for your schedule.

Should you be invited to an interview, we recognize that you are often requesting time off at another employer to attend. We also want to make that process easier for you. Should you make it to the interview stage, we will provide you with our availability, so that you can book the time that works best for your schedule.

We believe recruitment is a two-way process and we recognize that applying for a job comes with a lot of emotions. Once you’ve applied for a position, we don’t want to keep you hanging, so we let you know what to expect from us. Candidates are provided with a brief outline about general next steps in the process, as well as status updates at every stage of the process.

Finally, each application and video questionnaire is reviewed by our HR team and/or management team. You have taken the time and made the effort to apply, the least we can do is treat your application with the respect it deserves.

We’re working to continually refine our recruitment process. Please feel free to let us know what you think by emailing Stephen or Chelsea at