OZone Post2015 Year of Sport

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, has declared 2015 as the “Year of Sport” in Canada. The declaration celebrates the role sport plays in our Canadian identity.  From our local playgrounds, to recreational sport leagues all the way to our inspiring high performance athletes, sport is vital to the cultural Read More >>

OZone PostSimply Delicious Salad (In a Jar!)

Photo Courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com The Idea: Take an ordinary, large glass mason jar, fill it with a combination of dressing, whole grains, veggies, fruit, protein, leafy greens and additional toppings. Depending on the toppings, your salad should last 3-5 days in the fridge, meaning you can make these salads once or twice a week and Read More >>

OZone PostVIDEO: Fusion FC Training

Fusion FC is dedicated to providing players and teams with high-level training opportunities that supplement their current soccer commitments. Players train with Oval High Performance Coaches in a competitive and fun environment with an added focus being placed on developing individual skills while learning discipline and commitment. The Richmond Olympic Oval is a multipurpose sport, Read More >>

OZone PostTraining to be an effective Athlete – Understanding Functional Training

Right off the bat, let’s clarify what Functional Training (FT) is: FT is training that mimics and/or is specific to an athlete’s activities, sports and everyday movements. Technically, bodybuilding-type exercises can be considered functional, if your everyday activity or sport consists of pushing and pulling objects in a linear pattern using isolated movements.  However this Read More >>

OZone PostEndurance or Intensity: The Optimal Way to Burn Fat

As a fitness professional for close to 15 years, I have prescribed many fat-burning programs for individuals of varying fitness levels. I have also encountered of alternate fat-loss strategies that at times have impressed me, but other times have left me shaking my head! It is not within my scope of practice to discuss nutritional-based Read More >>

OZone Post6 breathing tricks to help you get to sleep

There’s no question that many of us would like to improve the quality of our sleep each night. Tossing, turning, waking up frequently, struggling to fall back asleep — and that’s if we can even drift off in the first place. We are notorious for allowing bright screens into the bedroom and daily doses of anxiety Read More >>

OZone PostVIDEO: ALS #IceBucketChallenge

The Richmond Oval staff partake in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Make a donation to ALS Canada Here :: http://bit.ly/1oyF6qa The Richmond Olympic Oval is a multipurpose sport, health and wellness facility making dreams come true for people of all ages and skills levels. Learn how to get to the top of your personal podium Read More >>