February’s Member Spotlight

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Meet May & Spencer!

What brought you to the Oval? What made you choose the Oval? 

May and Spencer: We moved to Richmond in 2006 and watched the Oval being built. When the Oval held their Open House we were impressed by its speed skating rink and other fitness activities offered. We signed up for memberships that day.

What are your favourite activities here and why?

May and Spencer: We like skating at the Oval because the rinks are bright and open. The public ice skating sessions are very relaxing with minimal impact for leg joints and muscles. We also take yoga classes, which were new to us at the time.  We like what it teaches on how we can strengthen our bodies.  We also attend Functionally Fit classes which are fun and energetic.

mayHow do you find the Oval different from others? What makes us unique?

May and Spencer: The Oval is the only fitness facility we’ve ever joined. It is new, bright and spacious with a variety of activities that meet one’s objectives and has friendly staff.

What is your favourite fitness class here and why?

May: I have no favourite. Each class is unique and beneficial in their own ways.

Spencer: Yoga class; it improves stability, flexibility of the body and calms the mind. Functionally fit class; it’s mainly cardio and ensures different parts of the body function properly.

Do you find it beneficial to work out together? We always see you two come in and head out together.

May: I think we motivate each other.

Spencer: To work out together in a group is always beneficial as one who works alone tends to be lazier and not as supported.  We support and inspire each other.

How has the Oval supported you in your fitness journey?

May and Spencer: The Oval has so many classes in which we can choose to participate. Attending the fitness classes meets our fitness goals.

spenceWhat are some activities that you would like to try at the Oval?

May and Spencer: Nothing new at a moment. We are happy with the activities we currently participate in. Yoga classes offer us mind and body health. Functionality Fit classes give us a total body workout.

What do you enjoy the most in life?

May: The basic human needs of love, good health and happiness

Spencer: It all depends on which part of life journey a person is in. For example as a young person, getting his first job or getting married… is quite enjoyable at the time. There are new enjoyable things to experience as one goes through life. In fact the opportunity to enjoy life the most never ends. I believe what I enjoy the most in life at the moment is being happy, healthy, and able to do what I would like to do: travelling and coming to the Oval.

Is there anything that you would like to see the Oval to improve?

May: I would like to see that “membership on hold” for more than twice a year.

Spencer: To improve traffic flow and safety in front of the building, there should be an extra laneway (recess area) for vehicle stopping for passengers.