March’s Member Spotlight

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Meet Claudia Wang!

What brought you to the Oval? What made you choose the Oval?

I gained about 30-kg from pregnancy. I decided to make some changes when my son turned 1-years-old, so I got my membership at the Oval in 2014. On May 25th 2014, a miracle of body transformation started from that day. Now I am back to my original weight before pregnancy. I am able to lift the same weight as my body weight and I also finished the 1st half-marathon of my life.

The reason I chose the Oval is that I lived very close to it at that time. Also, I think the community facilities are very reliable.

What are your favorite activities here and why?

The Zumba class is pretty enjoyable. But my favorite is the Personal Training which is why I come to the Oval often. I like it because it is customizable to my lifestyle and it’s on a one-on-one basis. The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful but most importantly it works very well for keeping fit.

How do you find the Oval different from others? What makes us unique?

The number one reason I would say is cleanliness. I always see staff cleaning and vacuuming and that is very rare at other facilities. Secondly, the spaciousness of the environment makes working out that much better as everyone is able to move around, even during peak times. Lastly, the diverse activities the Oval offers for all ages- adults, children & seniors, there is something for everyone and not just limited to one specific activity.

clad_1What is your favorite fitness class here and why?

I prefer jogging for cardio exercise. But Zumba is a pretty fun class.

How has the Oval supported you in your fitness journey? What made you continue your training here? Who helped you?

I don’t think I can go this far without the help from two of my personal trainers, Sheldon and Victor. They are nice and professional. They gave me suggestions not only about strength training, but also about running and a healthy diet. Sheldon at the beginning of my training took it easy and made me enjoy doing personal training as most would think its extreme right off the bat. After I finished with Sheldon, I had Victor, who pushed me forward to challenge myself to get to my goal. I’m very thankful I had the two right people at the right time.

The child-minding program is also a life-saver for moms to do exercise.

I also got professional suggestions from Oval nutritionist, Angel Luk. I started my meal prep after consulting with her, which helped me a lot with body-shaping.

What are some activities that you would like to try at the Oval?

I would like to try the climbing wall and drop-n skating in the future.

What do you enjoy the most in life?

Making crafts! For example, paper cutting, designing gifts for friends, etc. I love travelling too! I have been all over North America, parts of Asia and studied abroad in Japan 7 years ago.

Is there anything that you would like to see the Oval improve?

Definitely a swimming pool as I’m sure it would appeal to more guests. Child minding hours could be longer as well, but overall I am very happy with the Oval.