July’s Member Spotlight

| Membership

Meet Gail & Hu!

What brought you to the Oval? What made you choose the Oval?

We had memberships at several community centres and it was very confusing trying to co-ordinate different classes, schedules, rules, check-in times.  When we did a tour of the Oval in 2009 we were immediately intrigued by the venue and the wonderful equipment – we tried stretching machines, Kinesis, spin classes and it just looked like a lot of fun.

What are your favourite activities here and why?

We like the variety – we can do a different activities everyday and all the instructors are great.  We are always challenged and there is always something new.  We regularly attend Functionally Fit, Rowing, Spin, Definition and the fitness centre.

How do you find the Oval different from others? What makes us unique?

We appreciate the quality of the experience- the staff, instructors, open space, friendly atmosphere and equipment.

Do you find it beneficial to work out together?

Working out together does make it easier to stay motivated to exercise.  We try and co-ordinate our visits as we are driving from Steveston.  Sometimes we attend different classes.  If we are in the same class we usually head to different corners – Gail is interested in technique and is not competitive, Hu likes to go for it and introduce his own variations. Maintaining our fitness improves our enjoyment and quality of life.

huHow has the Oval supported you in your fitness journey?

The instructors are always helpful with encouragement and guidance. The camaraderie in the classes is great, so it is fun to attend.

What are some activities that you would like to try at the Oval?

We always enjoy the demo classes when a new activity is introduced to the Oval and we’ve tried a few classes – Le Barre, Viper, TRX & Zumba. We brought our grandchildren to a ‘Learn to Climb’ session; it was fun for all.  Hu has started skating again.  We think a rowing session in the tank would be interesting and would like to get back to yoga; Tai Chi would be a neat addition to the schedule.

What do you enjoy the most in life?

Being healthy and active together. Hu also likes skiing and mountain biking and Gail likes reading and golf with friends.

Is there anything that you would like to see the Oval to improve?

We think the Oval is always improving.  We sign our names to comments and suggestions and usually receive a response. Name tags for the staff are great although they are difficult to read.