Fusion FC 2016 Snapshot!

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Welcome back Fusion FC!

We are excited to have you back and hope you are prepared for the year we have planned.  This season Strength and Conditioning sessions at Oval High Performance will be a comprehensive and progressive program of speed, agility, strength and power training.

What you can expect :

  • a focus on the development of soccer specific speed and agility by improving the movement mechanics of these qualities, whole body strength and progressive power training.
  • Individualized resistance training programs based on their age, training experience and abilities. These programs will be updated by Oval coaches based on demonstrated progressions during training sessions.
  • Building and refining foundational strength movements such as the hip hinge, squat, and deadlift.
  • A portion of each session will include work on energy system development.  This session will be individualized to ensure that each athlete is challenged to greater develop their aerobic capacity.
  • All sessions will be aligned with Soccer Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model.

The performance improvements you see will be directly related to the work you put in and the attention you direct to improving as an athlete and a citizen. As coaches we know who are, and will become, the top players. These individuals show up prepared to work hard, they follow the program and progressions provided for them, are coachable, and importantly respect their own time and the time of their teammates by being on task and making the most out of this unique opportunity.

-Oval HP Coaches