Fit for The Holidays

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Gobble Gobble

Can you hear?

Christmas turkey will soon be near!


Sometimes it’s difficult for us to make time for fitness. Here are some helpful tips to keep you on track as the holiday season approaches:

  1. Get Moving – The holidays can be a busy time for people. Make staying active your first priority. Take advantage of the winter season by getting outside and trying new activities like snowshoeing or winter hiking. Or come see us at the Oval for a workout in the fitness centre, an energizing fitness class, an adventurous climb, or a pick-up game on the courts.


  1. Shop the Perimeter – Make good food choices. Fresh produce, healthy grains, lean meats, and seafood departments can be found around the perimeter of your grocery store. Generally speaking, fresh foods are a healthier choice than the ready-to-eat foods found in the centre aisles.


  1. Stay on Track with an App – Some Oval staff favourites are:

app1app2“My Fitness pal + Runkeeper can be synced together during your workout. Runkeeper keeps track of your workout, while fitness pal will help count the calories burned. You can also log your daily meals by tracking what you’ve eaten.” – Austina Chen, Member Care Consultant


app3“The Fitbit app tracks: steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, food intake, and hours slept. It’s the kickstart you need to go for another walk, squeeze in a quick workout, or catch up on some rest. You can also issue challenges to yourself or your friends to achieve daily or weekly goals!” – Loren Dillane, Sport and Education Programmer