February’s Member Spotlight

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Member Spotlight – Clinton Poon

IMG_5631What brought you to the Oval? What made you choose the Oval?

Simple. The Oval is a hub for activities. Not only do you get to watch competitions from the fitness level, but the layout in terms of the fitness gym to lighting to signage on everything serving a purpose to the cleanliness is much appreciated. Of course, the friendly staff makes it feel like home. The attendants do a great job making sure the weights are always returned to their appropriate locations and the facilities are always clean.

What are your favourite activities here and why?

I like walking around the track whenever it is available to stretch out and relax. The location of the Oval also makes walking or jogging along the river very accessible.

How do you find the Oval different from others? What makes us unique?

The Oval hosts many community events and makes it feel like a world class facility. The events also creates a sense of community and is a source of pride for the city.

How has the Oval supported you in your fitness journey being in the Military?

Being a reservist, keeping fit is definitely recommended. On some weekends we would go as a group and do some fun exercises just to keep us on our toes. When I’m in the Military it gives me a new found perspective on the world, people and life in general.

IMG_5628What are some activities that you would like to try at the Oval?

The ROX museum, climbing wall- the amount of upper body strength you need is incredible to be able to reach a certain rock, I’ve done it once but I’m usually more of a gym enthusiast.

What do you enjoy the most in life?

Good food and great company. I love working with people and being able to share the experiences I’ve learnt throughout life and be able to make a difference makes it worthwhile. I go hiking at False Creek sometimes, ride motorcycles, kayaking but what I enjoy most is walking.

Is there anything that you would like to see the Oval improve?

The Oval is always thriving, I love the parking accommodations and the facilities. There’s not much that I can add on but maybe a standing calf raise machine in the fitness centre would be great!