OZone PostSports Nutrition: Myth or Fact?

Sports Nutrition: Myth or Fact? By Dietitian Stephanie Dang There is a lot of nutrition information out there – I mean a LOT. From juice cleanses, to carbohydrate free diets, to raw food diets, it seems as if everyone has a “miracle” food cure for all your problems. Unfortunately, a miracle food or miracle diet Read More >>

OZone PostFusion FC 2016 Snapshot!

Welcome back Fusion FC! We are excited to have you back and hope you are prepared for the year we have planned.  This season Strength and Conditioning sessions at Oval High Performance will be a comprehensive and progressive program of speed, agility, strength and power training. What you can expect : a focus on the Read More >>

OZone PostVIDEO: Fusion FC Training

Fusion FC is dedicated to providing players and teams with high-level training opportunities that supplement their current soccer commitments. Players train with Oval High Performance Coaches in a competitive and fun environment with an added focus being placed on developing individual skills while learning discipline and commitment. The Richmond Olympic Oval is a multipurpose sport, Read More >>