April’s Member Spotlight

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Meet Wilson Wang

What brought you to the Oval? What made you choose the Oval?

The front desk staff! I was at a different fitness centre, and a friend invited me to work out with him at the Oval. I came to work out once and I really liked it. Not just the fitness centre, but the staff, and the sense of community & friendliness here drew me in. Now, that I’ve gotten to know the staff and other members here, it makes me excited to come work out and see all my new friends.

hello34How do you find the Oval different from others? What makes us unique?

The quality of equipment here at the Oval is better than all of the other gyms I’ve ever been at. I especially really like the Rogue barbells and plates – they are high-end! The Oval always keeps up with the latest equipment and takes care of the facility. Also, the area is always fresh – clean, not smelly, breathable, and has air conditioning.

How has the Oval supported you in your fitness journey?

The Oval has a lot of people – staff and members – who are really knowledgeable and have good techniques – workouts, form, and mobility – that they have shared with me, and that I can learn from. People are really friendly and want to help – whenever I have questions, they are welcoming and want to give advice and share their fitness experiences. Hearing the ‘fitness journey’ of other people motivates me to work harder toward my goals.

What types of activities do you do in the fitness centre? Do you have a Personal Record?

Bodybuilding and power lifting. I also do a lot of mobility as well to ensure that I don’t get injured again! I don’t have a P.R., I mainly work out for fun and with mental focus I achieve the weights that I have. I changed my routine and diet 6-7 years ago and I haven’t looked back! I also like talking to my friends at the Oval; I’ve made quite a few pals since being a member in 2013!

hello35Are there some activities that you would like to try at the Oval?

Basketball – I always go to the gym, but it would be fun to get together with some guys for some hoops. Also, table tennis!

What do you enjoy the most in life?

Honestly, I know it sounds cheesy, but working out makes me happy. Exercise gives me energy. I don’t drink and I don’t party, so fitness and health are my biggest hobbies. I really value health – that’s why my restaurant, Shishinori, focuses on tasty and healthy, high-protein meals, perfect for people who work out. So outside of the gym, I try to help spread my passion for fitness through nutrition.

Is there anything that you would like to see the Oval to improve?

I come to work out six times a week, but if there was a pool and hot tub, I would come eight times a week, and invite more friends here! If there were more membership promotions for existing members that would be nice as well.